Firearms police have enough legal protection

armed police

In the wake of the Paris atrocities and the ‘severe’ risk of copycat attacks, it is difficult to argue against the need for increased national security and a sufficient team of well-trained firearms police in the UK. It is also illogical to argue that those trained in the use of a deadly weapon should not use it as such. Shoot-to-kill, therefore, is the only basis under which an officer should shoot.

That being said, the prime minister’s announcement today that armed police should be granted greater protection from prosecution if they open fire is dangerous. A successful change to the law will increase the likelihood of innocent people being unjustifiably shot dead by trigger-happy officers letting loose, safe in the knowledge they will face no rebuttal.

When did my country’s heart become so cold?

Migrants, ‘British Values’ and a call for compassion


Swarms of ‘em. An unstoppable wave. A tide. A surge. An onslaught. Flocking in their droves. They. Them.

These are a few of the words some people in the UK are using to describe the migrants who are drowning in the Mediterranean, starving in make-shift camps and risking everything for the chance of a better life.

The Budget: Osborne takes from the poor and gives to the rich – obviously

Osborne's budget plans target some of the poorest people in society.

Osborne’s budget plans target some of the poorest people in society.

The budget from Osborne is as expected: a nod and a wink to his upper class friends and a middle finger to the poorest among us. He plans to raise the threshold for 40p tax to £45,020 by 2019, while offsetting it by cutting social welfare, which includes an end to working tax credits for low and middle income workers, another 4 year pay freeze for public sector workers and hacking away at the benefits cap. 

Why Hopkins’ National Pakistan Day comments are nonsense

Katie Hopkins on 'This Morning' TV programme, London

The former ‘Apprentice’ contestant has previously launched rants on feminism, children’s names, ginger babies, Ramadan and mothers.

Katie Hopkins’ slurs on Twitter inciting racial hatred in Rochdale have somehow led to the debate as to whether Pakistanis should have been able to fly their national flag on National Pakistan day following the conviction of a number of British Pakistani men for child sex offences back in May 2012.

Death threats over Clarkson dismissal: The infallibility of celebrity


This is just getting ridiculous now. Director General of the BBC Tony Hall has allegedly received death threats over the decision to sack disgraced Top Gear presenter Jeremy Clarkson after he verbally and physically abused one of the show’s producers.

Depression did not make Lubitz a ‘madman’


Branded a ‘madman’ in The Sun newspaper, the reportedly depressed co-pilot Andreas Lubitz – who intentionally flew a plane of 150 people into the French Alps killing all on board – is not going to be the focus of this article. Instead, I’d like to discuss the stigma that surrounds depression and mental illness and the poor judgement of certain tabloid papers that have done nothing but add to the ignorance of the public in their coverage of this event.